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Synergy Forum

Date: September 23, Tuesday 
Room: Room 1
Organizers:Gudrun Ulrich-Merzenich

Forum Description
Investigations of the occurence, modes and causes of synergy constitute a fast emerging research area in the life sciences with implications for drug development. Increasing evidence support multi-target rather than single target approaches for complex diseases- not only for effective treatment regimes but also for a reduction of adverse effects. High-throughput screenings (HTS) in the sense of simultaneously evaluating large numbers of compounds on large numbers of targets using a systems biology approach is making synergy research increasingly relevant. MipTec with its vivid network and interactions between researchers in academia, the pharmaceutical industry and engineers and researchers of the manufacturers of advanced laboratory equipment offers a unique framework to establish a platform for the international discourse on advances in synergy research in the form of a dedicated Synergy Forum. This forum will highlight current developments including discussion of screening models and results of HTS-screening for specific targets in various dieseases, cutting edge laboratory technology and the present regulatory framework conditions in the EU for therapies with fixed combinations of single drugs or complex compound mixtures. The lectures of the morning session will be followed by workshops in the afternoon in which specific topics will be elaborated further.   


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