Jumpstarting Innovation

Organizers:Stephen Emmerth (iNet Innovation Networks Switzerland)
Christof Klöpper (iNet Innovation Networks Switzerland)
Bhupinder Bhullar (Novartis Pharma AG)

Part  1

Date & Time:           September 25, Thursday / 09.00 - 12.00
Room: 3


Venture Capital and Valuation of Startups 1
Startups wanting to raise capital need to know the state of the market.  Even though venture capital (VC) firms invested 33 billion dollars in 2013, with funding hitting record highs over previous years, market conditions for 2014 and beyond can be dramatically different. SR One President, Jens Eckstein, will address the current and future trends of funding in the North American market, and Florent Gros, Managing Director of Novartis Venture Fund, will present on the European market. Two life sciences startups will show real-world examples of the road to funding.

Part  2

Date & Time:           September 25, Thursday / 14.30 - 18.00
Room: 4


Venture Capital and Valuation of Startups 2
You need to know the value of your company; when raising money or when preparing for an exit. With a phantasy figure you will shy investors and buyers away, with a too low price you will leave money on the table. In this workshop you will learn hands-on skills how to perform a valuation. What drives the value? How do you make sure that the value is reasonable? And how can you use valuation in a negotiation?

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